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A2RP81_CITFR - PER-2 Beta-lactamase, Citfr | ZINC Is Not Commercial - A database of commercially-available compounds

PER-2 Beta-lactamase, Citfr (5 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Binding ≤ 10μM 5 5 5 5
Binding ≤ 1μM 4 4 4 4

Reactome Network (0)

Clustered By Gene (0)

Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
B2ZTR6_ACIBA B2ZTR6 CHEMBL1667700 Beta-lactamase ADC-33, Aciba 2
D1MIX9_PSEAI D1MIX9 CHEMBL1250341 Beta-lactamase GES-13, Pseai 2
D6NSM8_ACIBA D6NSM8 CHEMBL1667701 ADC-11, Aciba 2
A0ZX81_KLEPN A0ZX81 CHEMBL1255121 Beta-lactamase, Klepn 1
A1E3K9_ECOLX A1E3K9 CHEMBL1075073 Beta-lactamase SCO-1, Ecolx 1
A4KCT8_9ENTR A4KCT8 CHEMBL1075063 Gil1, 9entr 1
A4ZYU9_ECOLX A4ZYU9 CHEMBL5305 Beta-lactamase ACC-4, Ecolx 1
A8RR46_BACCS A8RR46 CHEMBL5439 Beta-lactamase, Baccs 1
AMPC_CITFR P05193 CHEMBL1255130 Beta-lactamase, Citfr 1
AMPC_ECOLI P00811 CHEMBL2026 Beta-lactamase, Ecoli 1
AMPC_ENTCL P05364 CHEMBL2725 Beta-lactamase, Entcl 1
AMPC_MORMO P94958 CHEMBL5764 Beta-lactamase, Mormo 1
AMPC_PSEAE P24735 CHEMBL5031 Beta-lactamase, Pseae 1
B8R6A5_9BURK B8R6A5 CHEMBL1641339 PenB Class A Beta-lactamase, 9burk 1
BLA1_ECOLX P0AD63 CHEMBL5956 Beta-lactamase SHV-1, Ecolx 1
BLA1_KLEPN P0AD64 CHEMBL5094 Beta-lactamase SHV-1, Klepn 1
BLAC_BACLI P00808 CHEMBL5633 Beta-lactamase, Bacli 1
BLAC_STAAU P00807 CHEMBL4114 Beta-lactamase, Staau 1
BLAT_ECOLX P62593 CHEMBL2065 Beta-lactamase TEM, Ecolx 1
BLKPC_KLEPN Q9F663 CHEMBL6132 Carbepenem-hydrolyzing Beta-lactamase KPC, Klepn 1
Q2XPY6_SALET Q2XPY6 CHEMBL1667678 Extended-spectrum Beta-lactamase CTX-M-53, Salet 1
Q3S5C3_SALNE Q3S5C3 CHEMBL1641337 Efflux Transporter, Salne 1
Q46991_ENTCL Q46991 CHEMBL5219 IMI-1, Entcl 1
Q48435_KLEPN Q48435 CHEMBL1641338 Class C Beta-lactamase CMY-36, Klepn 1
Q50H31_BRAPL Q50H31 CHEMBL1255145 Class D Beta-lactamase, Brapl 1
Q59401_ENTCL Q59401 CHEMBL3499 Beta-lactamase Class C, Entcl 1
Q6GWS8_ECOLX Q6GWS8 CHEMBL5041 Beta-lactamase TEM-125, Ecolx 1
Q6JP75_SERFO Q6JP75 CHEMBL5042 Carbapenem-hydrolizing Beta-lactamase SFC-1, Serfo 1
Q6W9J1_ENTCL Q6W9J1 CHEMBL3652 Beta-lactamase TEM, Entcl 1
Q83TT7_ECOLX Q83TT7 CHEMBL1255151 AmpC, Ecolx 1
Q9EXV5_ECOLX Q9EXV5 CHEMBL6131 Beta-lactamase, Ecolx 1