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AHR_HUMAN - Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Human | ZINC Is Not Commercial - A database of commercially-available compounds

Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Human (1 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Binding ≤ 10μM 1 1 1 1
Binding ≤ 1μM 1 1 1 1
Functional ≤ 10μM 9 5 4 1

Reactome Network (0)

UniProt Swissprot ChEMBL Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
AHR_RABIT O02747 CHEMBL4725 Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Rabit 25 7 3 1
AHR_RAT P41738 CHEMBL5400 Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Rat 1 1 0 0

Clustered By Gene (0)

Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
ABCG2_HUMAN Q9UNQ0 CHEMBL5393 ATP-binding Cassette Sub-family G Member 2, Human 1
ALDR_RAT P07943 CHEMBL2622 Aldose Reductase, Rat 1
CP1B1_HUMAN Q16678 CHEMBL4878 Cytochrome P450 1B1, Human 1
DHB1_HUMAN P14061 CHEMBL3181 Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 1, Human 1
DHB2_HUMAN P37059 CHEMBL2789 Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 2, Human 1
GSK3A_HUMAN P49840 CHEMBL2850 Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Alpha, Human 1
GSK3B_HUMAN P49841 CHEMBL262 Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Beta, Human 1
LOX15_RABIT P12530 CHEMBL4358 Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase, Rabit 1
LOX5_HUMAN P09917 CHEMBL215 Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase, Human 1
MDR3_MOUSE P21447 CHEMBL2573 P-glycoprotein 3, Mouse 1
MRP1_HUMAN P33527 CHEMBL3004 Multidrug Resistance-associated Protein 1, Human 1
NANH_CLOPE P10481 CHEMBL5189 Sialidase, Clope 1
NOX4_HUMAN Q9NPH5 CHEMBL1250375 NADPH Oxidase 4, Human 1
Q965D6_PLAFA Q965D6 CHEMBL4513 3-oxoacyl-acyl-carrier Protein Reductase, Plafa 1
XDH_HUMAN P47989 CHEMBL1929 Xanthine Dehydrogenase, Human 1
Z80035 Z80035 CHEMBL381 B16 (Melanoma Cells) 1
Z80166 Z80166 CHEMBL384 HT-29 (Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1
Z80169 Z80169 CHEMBL614039 Huh-7 (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) 1
Z80390 Z80390 CHEMBL390 PC-3 (Prostate Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80471 Z80471 CHEMBL614910 SH-SY5 (Bone Marrow Neuroblastoma Cells) 1
Z80682 Z80682 CHEMBL392 A549 (Lung Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80761 Z80761 CHEMBL614453 AhR+/+5L (Hepatoma Cells) 1
Z80762 Z80762 CHEMBL613843 BP8 (Ascites Sarcoma Cells) 1
Z80928 Z80928 CHEMBL394 HCT-116 (Colon Carcinoma Cells) 1
Z80936 Z80936 CHEMBL614818 HEK293 (Embryonic Kidney Fibroblasts) 1
Z81020 Z81020 CHEMBL395 HepG2 (Hepatoblastoma Cells) 1
Z81252 Z81252 CHEMBL400 MDA-MB-231 (Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells) 1