Carbonic Anhydrase VB, Human (176 Compounds)


Compound Summary

Annotation Type Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
Binding ≤ 10μM 176 97 49 53
Binding ≤ 1μM 113 56 24 33

Reactome Network (1)

Reactome ID Description Species
REACT_121123 Reversible hydration of carbon dioxide Homo sapiens
UniProt Swissprot ChEMBL Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
CAH5B_MOUSE Q9QZA0 CHEMBL4634 Carbonic Anhydrase VB, Mouse 49 32 8 9

Clustered By Gene (0)

Clustered By Organism (8)

Code Description Substances Purchasable Natural In Man
CAH5B-1-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #1 Of 9), Eukaryotic 99 68 18 20
CAH5B-2-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #2 Of 9), Eukaryotic 51 11 4 7
CAH5B-3-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #3 Of 9), Eukaryotic 11 2 2 2
CAH5B-4-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #4 Of 9), Eukaryotic 38 24 17 17
CAH5B-5-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #5 Of 9), Eukaryotic 6 6 3 4
CAH5B-6-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #6 Of 9), Eukaryotic 3 3 2 1
CAH5B-7-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #7 Of 9), Eukaryotic 1 0 1 0
CAH5B-8-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #8 Of 9), Eukaryotic 2 2 2 2
CAH5B-9-E Carbonic Anhydrase VB (cluster #9 Of 9), Eukaryotic 5 5 1 1
Uniprot Swissprot Chembl Description Number Shared
CAH5A_HUMAN P35218 CHEMBL4789 Carbonic Anhydrase VA, Human 162
CAH2_HUMAN P00918 CHEMBL205 Carbonic Anhydrase II, Human 159
CAH1_HUMAN P00915 CHEMBL261 Carbonic Anhydrase I, Human 152
CAH7_HUMAN P43166 CHEMBL2326 Carbonic Anhydrase VII, Human 135
CAH9_HUMAN Q16790 CHEMBL3594 Carbonic Anhydrase IX, Human 123
CAH12_HUMAN O43570 CHEMBL3242 Carbonic Anhydrase XII, Human 122
CAH6_HUMAN P23280 CHEMBL3025 Carbonic Anhydrase VI, Human 120
CAH4_HUMAN P22748 CHEMBL3729 Carbonic Anhydrase IV, Human 114
CAH14_HUMAN Q9ULX7 CHEMBL3510 Carbonic Anhydrase XIV, Human 112
CAH15_MOUSE Q99N23 CHEMBL5973 Carbonic Anhydrase 15, Mouse 73
CAH3_HUMAN P07451 CHEMBL2885 Carbonic Anhydrase III, Human 63
CAH13_HUMAN Q8N1Q1 CHEMBL3912 Carbonic Anhydrase XIII, Human 58
CAH13_MOUSE Q9D6N1 CHEMBL2186 Carbonic Anhydrase XIII, Mouse 54
Q5AJ71_CANAL Q5AJ71 CHEMBL5337 Carbonic Anhydrase, Canal 38
CYNT_HELPY O24855 CHEMBL4211 Carbonic Anhydrase 1, Helpy 35
CAH4_BOVIN Q95323 CHEMBL281 Carbonic Anhydrase IV, Bovin 34
B5SU02_9CNID B5SU02 CHEMBL1075028 Alpha Carbonic Anhydrase, 9cnid 33
C0IX24_9CNID C0IX24 CHEMBL1649055 Carbonic Anhydrase, 9cnid 33
CAN_YEAST P53615 CHEMBL5931 Carbonic Anhydrase, Yeast 30
Y1284_MYCTU P64797 CHEMBL5631 Uncharacterized Protein Rv1284/MT1322, Myctu 28
CAH10_HUMAN Q9NS85 CHEMBL4645 Carbonic Anhydrase-related Protein 10, Human 27
CAH11_HUMAN O75493 CHEMBL2420 Carbonic Anhydrase-related Protein 2, Human 27
CAH8_HUMAN P35219 CHEMBL2410 Carbonic Anhydrase-related Protein 8, Human 27
CYNT_MYCTU O53573 CHEMBL6068 Carbonic Anhydrase, Myctu 19
CAH_METTE P40881 CHEMBL3932 Carbonic Anhydrase, Mette 17
CAH5A_MOUSE P23589 CHEMBL2330 Carbonic Anhydrase VA, Mouse 9
CAH5B_MOUSE Q9QZA0 CHEMBL4634 Carbonic Anhydrase VB, Mouse 9
PGH1_SHEEP P05979 CHEMBL2949 Cyclooxygenase-1, Sheep 6
MDR3_MOUSE P21447 CHEMBL2573 P-glycoprotein 3, Mouse 4
Q2PCB5_DICLA Q2PCB5 CHEMBL1795125 Carbonic Anhydrase, Dicla 4
Q3I4V7_CRYNV Q3I4V7 CHEMBL1697676 Carbonic Anhydrase 2, Crynv 4
CAH2_BOVIN P00921 CHEMBL2283 Carbonic Anhydrase II, Bovin 3
PGH1_HUMAN P23219 CHEMBL221 Cyclooxygenase-1, Human 3
CAH2_RAT P27139 CHEMBL4706 Carbonic Anhydrase II, Rat 2
CAH3_RAT P14141 CHEMBL4997 Carbonic Anhydrase III, Rat 2
CAH4_RAT P48284 CHEMBL2962 Carbonic Anhydrase IV, Rat 2
CAH5A_RAT P43165 CHEMBL2138 Carbonic Anhydrase VA, Rat 2
CAH6_BOVIN P18915 CHEMBL4891 Carbonic Anhydrase VI, Bovin 2
DRD1_RAT P18901 CHEMBL265 Dopamine D1 Receptor, Rat 2
DRD2_CANFA Q9GJU1 CHEMBL2703 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Canine 2
DRD2_HUMAN P14416 CHEMBL217 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Human 2
DRD2_RAT P61169 CHEMBL339 Dopamine D2 Receptor, Rat 2
DRD3_HUMAN P35462 CHEMBL234 Dopamine D3 Receptor, Human 2
DRD3_RAT P19020 CHEMBL3138 Dopamine D3 Receptor, Rat 2
DRD4_HUMAN P21917 CHEMBL219 Dopamine D4 Receptor, Human 2
DRD4_RAT P30729 CHEMBL3361 Dopamine D4 Receptor, Rat 2
DRD5_RAT P25115 CHEMBL2281 Dopamine D5 Receptor, Rat 2
PGH2_HUMAN P35354 CHEMBL230 Cyclooxygenase-2, Human 2
PGH2_SHEEP P79208 CHEMBL4102 Cyclooxygenase-2, Sheep 2
A4_HUMAN P05067 CHEMBL2487 Beta Amyloid A4 Protein, Human 1
AHR_RABIT O02747 CHEMBL4725 Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Rabit 1
AOFB_HUMAN P27338 CHEMBL2039 Monoamine Oxidase B, Human 1
AOFB_RAT P19643 CHEMBL2993 Monoamine Oxidase B, Rat 1
CAH7_MOUSE Q9ERQ8 CHEMBL2216 Carbonic Anhydrase VII, Mouse 1
CASP2_HUMAN P42575 CHEMBL4884 Caspase-2, Human 1
COX2_SHEEP O78750 CHEMBL1250404 Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit 2, Sheep 1
CP19A_HUMAN P11511 CHEMBL1978 Cytochrome P450 19A1, Human 1
DHB3_RAT O54939 CHEMBL1075158 Testosterone 17-beta-dehydrogenase 3, Rat 1
DHI1_HUMAN P28845 CHEMBL4235 11-beta-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase 1, Human 1
DHI1_MOUSE P50172 CHEMBL3910 11-beta-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase 1, Mouse 1
ESR1_HUMAN P03372 CHEMBL206 Estrogen Receptor Alpha, Human 1
KPCE_HUMAN Q02156 CHEMBL3582 Protein Kinase C Epsilon, Human 1
LGUL_HUMAN Q04760 CHEMBL2424 Glyoxalase I, Human 1
LOX1_SOYBN P08170 CHEMBL4586 Seed Lipoxygenase-1, Soybn 1
LOX5_HUMAN P09917 CHEMBL215 Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase, Human 1
MK14_HUMAN Q16539 CHEMBL260 MAP Kinase P38 Alpha, Human 1
MMP9_HUMAN P14780 CHEMBL321 Matrix Metalloproteinase 9, Human 1
MTSI_SPISQ P15840 CHEMBL4373 CpG DNA Methylase, Spisq 1
NOS2_HUMAN P35228 CHEMBL4481 Nitric Oxide Synthase, Inducible, Human 1
NQO2_HUMAN P16083 CHEMBL3959 Quinone Reductase 2, Human 1
O49150_SOLTU O49150 CHEMBL3317 5-lipoxygenase, Soltu 1
PGH1_BOVIN O62664 CHEMBL2860 Cyclooxygenase-1, Bovin 1
PGH1_MOUSE P22437 CHEMBL2649 Cyclooxygenase-1, Mouse 1
PGH2_BOVIN O62698 CHEMBL3331 Cyclooxygenase-2, Bovin 1
PGH2_MOUSE Q05769 CHEMBL4321 Cyclooxygenase-2, Mouse 1
PGH2_RAT P35355 CHEMBL2977 Cyclooxygenase-2, Rat 1
PTN1_HUMAN P18031 CHEMBL335 Protein-tyrosine Phosphatase 1B, Human 1
Q43570_TOBAC Q43570 CHEMBL1293200 Zn Finger Protein, Tobac 1
Q50565_METTH Q50565 CHEMBL3926 Carbonic Anhydrase, Metth 1
Q6FTL6_CANGA Q6FTL6 CHEMBL6185 Carbonic Anhydrase, Canga 1
Q8HY88_BOVIN Q8HY88 CHEMBL1075183 Potassium Channel Subfamily K Member 2, Bovin 1
Q8HZR1_CANFA Q8HZR1 CHEMBL4133 Cyclooxygenase-1, Canine 1
Q8SPQ9_CANFA Q8SPQ9 CHEMBL4033 Cyclooxygenase-2, Canine 1
STS_HUMAN P08842 CHEMBL3559 Steryl-sulfatase Precursor, Human 1
Z100250 Z100250 CHEMBL612514 Calf Thymus DNA 1
Z104302 Z104302 CHEMBL1907608 Glutamate NMDA Receptor 1