ZINC (primary) Metabolites Database - commercially available. Based on HMDB and BioCyc


Zmd is the ZINC Metabolites Database. This contains all metabolites that can currently be purchased. It is based on publically available information.

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Chemical Diversity and Clustering

We assess the chemical diversity of a subset by clustering the molecules. First, we sort ligands by increasing molecular weight. Then, we use the SUBSET 1.0 algorithm ( Voigt JH, Bienfait B, Wang S, Nicklaus MC. JCICS, 2001, 41, 702-12) to progressively select compounds that differ from those previously selected by at least the Tanimoto cutoff, using ChemAxon default fingerprints. The resulting representatives have two interesting properties:

  • 1) Each representative differs from all the others by at least the Tanitmoto cutoff and
  • 2) All the molecules in the subset are within the Tanimoto cutoff of at least one representative.
Thus the representatives can be said to "cover" the chemical space of the subset at a given Tanimoto level. N/A indicates that clustering is pending.

Tanimoto Cutoff Level 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Number of Representatives 371 612 1,040 1,742 5,391

Physical Property Distributions

We compute the physical properties of each molecule in the subset, and graph them below.   Download Calculated Physical Properties

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SMILES All All All All
MOL2 All All All All Single Usual Metals All Single Usual Metals All
SDF All All All All Single Usual Metals All Single Usual Metals All
Flexibase Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available